Friday, January 21, 2011

A Heads Up

I found out last night that Blogger is having a glitch with adding customized headers.  If you are using any of my templates and you decide to customize the header with your blog name, please note that some people (myself included) are having a difficult time adding them through the header widget on the design page. It is coming out blurry.

I found a way to work around it by asking others and here is what you can do if you have this problem.

Save your header image that you customize to your computer.
Then add it to either Photobucket or other free photo hosting site that you prefer.
Copy the DIRECT LINK from you photo hosting site.
Go to your blog and click on Design.
Then click on Edit HEADER.
The pop up widget will come up.
Make sure you remove whatever image you have there and check Instead of Title and Description.
Then check the box that says From a web page.
Paste the DIRECT LINK you copied earlier into that spot and hit Return on your keyboard.
You photo will load fairly quickly. When you see it click Save.
Then go to your blog home page and make sure it saved it correctly.

This is the only way I have found to work around this glitch at this time. I hope it helps if you are having the problem as well!

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Chaotic_Dreamer said...

thanks you so much for this I though I was going crazy.