Friday, January 21, 2011

Glamour (3 Column) FREE LAYOUT

3 Column / Free Layout
To Get this layout for your blog, Click HERE

To Load the new template to your blog.
1. Go to Layout, and click Edit HTML.
2. Delete everything in the template box so it's completely blank.
3. Paste the new template code into your template box.
4. Hit the Preview button to check out your new look.
5. Click the Save button.


Me N My Thrifty Ideas said...

Hey, I have NO clue what you are talking about with Melissa. I am so sorry if I offended anyone. I am now following you as well. I didn't even realize there were so many blog designs out there! Keep in Touch.

Sondra Davidson said...

And I going to use this for my 3rd blog as my website is in the clouds somewhere an is no longer working so i am making 3 blogs to link together an going use your lovely designs but add posers to the frames designs an well give u credit where the credit is due like my main blog at kitty's psp shares is like have a good day gots lots of work now to do love ya Kitty