Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be My Valentine (3 Column) FREE LAYOUT

3 Column / Free Layout
To Get this layout for your blog, Click HERE

To Load the new template to your blog.
1. Go to Layout, and click Edit HTML.
2. Delete everything in the template box so it's completely blank.
3. Paste the new template code into your template box.
4. Hit the Preview button to check out your new look.
5. Click the Save button.

Scrap Kit by Scraps and Tubes


TheBlogBakery said...

So pretty. You have an eye for beautiful detail. I love the tree.

cik happy said...


Sondra said...

Amy I save this and the elements to my own storage so if you ever delete your blog I have it save and it will not go into red x with mine. I gave u full copyright but I put the URL to my site so it stays in tact forever to be use as sorry to see you go but I understand so I will always use this for my store site as I now update it and add my own message to the header Hugs n Love Always Sondra aka Kitty

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