Sunday, January 16, 2011

Magic Garden (3 Column) FREE LAYOUT

3 Column / Free Layout
To Get this layout for your blog, Click HERE

To Load the new template to your blog.
1. Go to Layout, and click Edit HTML.
2. Delete everything in the template box so it's completely blank.
3. Paste the new template code into your template box.
4. Hit the Preview button to check out your new look.
5. Click the Save button.

1 comment:

Sondra said...

I snagged this one for my other site and I was thinking of making an tutorial to help anyone for using your designs for the blogger new way.. I add it to my site and if you wish to link it with yours it will help anyone whom wishes to use your design skins I do it next week as my husband is coming home today and so this weekend we going to celebrate our 7 yrs of marriage together